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Sincere & warm thanks to Almighty, my beloved parents and elders, with whose blessings,(Chand Kumar Dawar-the Managing Director) joined Indian navy at very young age in 1969 and served my country on various important privileged assignments being commissioning crew member (Marine Engg Div) on 1st Indian warship – INS Nilgiri and 3rd warship – INS Udaygiri & INS – Vikrant qualified member of Diving Team (up to 120 Feet) and Air Crew Driver Alouette III Helicopter Sqd.until 1980.Overseas duties performed at Jakarta, Bali (Indonesia),Bangkok Thailand),Singapore, Colombo (Sri Lanka) and BandarAabbas (Iran).

Year 1980 after serving Indian Navy settled in Mumbai, started business firm Messrs.Dawar Enterprises dealing with Import-Export facilitation through recognized Custom House Agents (C.H.A.) in Mumbai.

1984 – Established a firm under name and style of Messrs.Aquanaut Diving Services, undertaking specialized diving tasks as cons contractors. Some of the tasks were New Bombay Old Bridge underwater photography,HPL diesel pipeline burying under the seabeach meter trench,at Panvel Creek bridge No. 1&2 as sub-contractor of Punjsons Delhi,Bilarpur Industries,Karwar – salvaging of 4 Km discharged PVC rigid pipes having cemented block at interval of one meter and many other projects.

1989 – We got our own CHA license in name and style of reconstituted private limited company, Messrs.Frontier Shipping Agencies FSAPL with Mr.CK Dawar as Managing Director and his wife as a director,Mrs Asha Dawar B.A.B.Ed.Ex Principal of Private A College and Ex.L.L.B. Student of Siddhartha Law College, Mumbai.

The M.D. was / is associate with various trade activities, associations, representations, invite in individual office bearer capacity/ies.
(1993 – 94) President of BCT Group (Bombay Custom Temporary License Association), the custom was amended to reconduct the oral exams.2007 – 2008 Special Invite to the Open Hc meet presided by the H.H. the Dy.Commerce Minister of U.A.E. & many others events.

(1993) Special Invite to the Dy. C.M. Chamber on Inter State CFS project of Punjab Govt.(Importers Punjab Warehouse) Feasibility Discussion

(1999) Special Invite to the C.B.E.C. Chairman meet organized by the A.I.I.E.A. (All Indian Importers Exporters Association)

(1999 – 2000) Member – Action Committee BCHAA (Bombay Custom House Agents Association, Mumbai)

(2000) Represented BCHAA as Action Committee Member on Open House meet presided by the C.B.E.C. member Mr. Prasad to resolve serious differences between Custom officials and CHAs

(2006) Special Invite to the Maharashtra C.M.’opens CNBC Awaz T.V.shows ‘Aapka Darbar’ issues on Power Load Shedding’ and the stamp duty on imports.

(2007 – 2008) Special Invite to the Open House meet presided by the H.H. the Ambassador of U.S.A. Special Invite to meet presided by the H.H. the Dy.Commerce minister of U.A.E.
  Company Profile  
Frontier Shipping Agencies Pvt.Ltd. (FSAPL) is based in India, with its registered office in Mumbai, was incorporated in the year January 1989 by Mr. C.K. Dawar, the Managing Director.

Mr. C.k. Dawar has been in the field of Shipping, Clearing, Forwarding and Allied Activities for over 28 years of import export under the name and style of M/S. Dawar Enterprise. In 1989 the proprietary firm was re-constituted to a Private Limited company under the name and style of M/S Frontier Shipping Agencies Pvt.Ltd. (FSAPL).In 1989 received its own C.H.A. license.

The primary objective of FSAPL is to provide premium services in the field of Import & Export of Cargo Clearance of any nature in all categories from custom and port .Also Booking and Forwarding of International Air & Sea Cargo. All Shipments irrespective of size are handled efficiently and with almost care and dispatched in the shortest possible time. We offer customized, tailor-made solutions based on specific client needs, ensuring that our customers derive total satisfaction.
  Business Profile  
The Managing Director Mr. C.K. Dawar after serving Indian started venture into shipping and clearing business under firm Messrs. Dawar Enterprise with associate CHAs. In Jan 1989,we got our own CHA license in name and style reconstituted private limited company, Messrs. Frontier Shipping Agencies Pvt. Ltd.

(FSAPL) established this company with as Managing Director and his wife as a director,Mrs Asha B.Ed. Ex Principal of Private Art & Craft College and Ex.L.L of Siddhartha Law college, Mumbai.

FSAPL has contributed over Rs. 1000 crores of Custom duty. FSAPL is proud associate with import - export facilitation to clients of high repute from Union Govt, Public Trading Houses, Export Houses, Manufacturers, and MNC House individual SMEs (some of them referred in clients List) FSAPL has continuous success in this trade having served clients, facilitated import - export of various commodities, projects both at sea ports and airports. (The commodities / handled are listed separately in this website)
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